Only in an area with an incredibly varied climate and environmental conditions like the European Union is it possible to grow products of unbeatable quality and flavour. Thanks to its sunshine and unique biodiversity in the world, Italy is the prime European producer of fruit and vegetables along with Spain.


  • Green or yellow pulp, the goodness does not change!
  • High fibre content
  • Grown from November to May
  • 2 kiwis a day will improve your mood
  • The most exported fruit in Europe
  • The intake of potassium is ideal for people who do sport!

The most exported

fruit Europe


  • A natural anti-inflammatory
  • A long-standing Italian production tradition
  • Quality certified by the PGI mark
  • Red pulp and an unmistakable scent
  • Rich in vitamin C
  • A symbol of health and wellbeing

The symbol of

health and wellbeing


  • Sweet and crunchy
  • Rich in simple sugar
  • Ideal for children and the elderly
  • Easy to digest thanks to the fibres
  • A natural supply of minerals
  • A top quality PGI product!

A top quality

Italian product

Fresh processed vegetables

  • Puree made only with the best selected tomatoes
  • True Italian flavour
  • Cooked according to the traditional recipe
  • Processed as soon as they are harvested
  • As fresh as though just picked
  • Sauces made to perfection

A fresh

Mediterranean tradition

Fruit juice

  • EU guaranteed production
  • Only natural sugar for a full dose of energy
  • Surprising flavour!
  • Excellent raw materials processed when they are still fresh
  • A concentration of wellbeing!
  • Fruit picked in the most specialised areas in Italy

A concentration of wellbeing

from Europe