Fresh, genuine, European. The European Art of Taste project: Italian Fruit & Veg Masterpieces, financed by the European Union and CSO Italy goes to China, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong to present the masterpieces of fresh and processed European fruit and vegetables, with a focus on fruit and vegetables that are produced in Italy, the land of beauty and sunshine.

Renowned and appreciated around the world for their excellent quality, in addition to their unmistakable flavour, European fruit and vegetable products stand out for their total safety and wholesomeness, which is guaranteed by strict production regulations.

The products

Europe, a virtuous production model

The European Union is renowned around the world as a production model that safeguards its fruit and vegetable products. The European regulations linked to food production are among the most virtuous and careful, and they are applied by individual member states according to the requirements of the land, and the integrated crop management systems stand out in particular Italy is among the first countries to have used this production method in the fruit and vegetable sector and it has long-standing experience that dates back to the early ‘70s.


Integrated crop management acts according to specific regulations which protect the environment and the safety of the consumers, reducing the use of synthetic chemical substances and favouring the application of production methods that increase the fertility of the soil and the quality of the products without altering their natural characteristics. All the EU member states stand out for their careful policies that safeguard the consumer, protect the quality of their fruit and vegetable products, and guarantee high safety standards thanks to strict production control regulations.

The European quality system that safeguards products of certified PGI and PDO provenance involves the whole of the food sector including the production of fruit and vegetables. The Italian PGI and PDO fruit and vegetable products include important kinds of produce like PGI Red Oranges from Sicily, PGI Pears from Emilia Romagna, and PGI peaches and nectarines from Romagna. In Italy there are currently 93 PDO and PGI certified products in the food sector.

Furthermore, the organic certification guarantees a traceability system that enables individual farms of origin to be traced, ensuring adherence to the regulations that forbid the use of synthetic chemical substances and that favour environmental sustainability.

The companies of the project