The European Art of Taste is dedicated to consumers in major Asian countries, such as China, Taiwan and Japan, and is aimed at providing tools to share knowledge and insights on European – and especially Italian – fruit and vegetables, identifying product origin with an evocative yet also artistic image of Italy.

Italy has always been synonymous with art, in its broadest sense: the art of landscapes, thanks to its 54 UNESCO World Heritage Sites (first country in the world), and visual arts for its Renaissance artists and schools of painting, as well as architecture, motoring and fashion. Italy is also known for its culinary arts thanks to its excellent products and the ability to create world-renowned dishes. Raw materials, such as fruit and vegetables, are no exception, as it boasts numerous unique varieties (93 PDO and PGI varieties altogether). The idea behind the communication project stems from the desire to celebrate some of the masterpieces of Italian nature by creating a work of art that represents Italy and its artistic flair.

This is how Mr Good Fruit was born, an imaginary character invented by Antonio Pronostico, a young and scathing Italian artist and illustrator with extensive experience in graphic design.

Mr Good Fruit is a character born from the combination of the amazing products that will be presented and promoted as part of this project. Kiwifruit and blood oranges in particular, but also many other fruit and vegetable products produced in Europe (cherries, tomatoes, apples, pears and numerous vegetables), along with processed products, such as juices, tomato passata and many preserved vegetables that retain their nutritional value.

Mr Good Fruit is a burst of colours and vitality and symbolises the synthesis of a production model that is renowned worldwide for its history and its tradition of taste and quality.


Antonio Pronostico was born in 1987 in the province of Matera, known as the “Città dei Sassi”, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993 and declared European Capital of Culture for 2019. At the age of 19 he began studying visual communication and approached the world of comics and illustration. He then founded Collettivomensa, a literary, illustration and comics magazine. Over the years he worked for major Italian newspapers as an illustrator. He is a scathing, ironic artist, yet with a gentle and warm stroke. His use of colours and shapes resembling humans brings to mind Italian artists from the early 1900s who created memorable advertising campaigns.